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ELY-FS84 High Quality Floor Spring

Model: ELY-FS84 High Quality Floor Spring

Opening Force: 42 NM

Door Weight: 130 KG

Door Width: 1300 MM

Door Height: 2400 MM

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Model: ELY-FS84 High Quality Floor Spring


Technology Date:



Opening force

42 n·m

Suitable for max door wide and high


The max bearing weight


Location deviation of closing

± 0.3°


90 degree

Range of temperature

-40℃ ~ +40℃

Container size







Floor Spring Dimension   Floor Spring Door Adjustment




Floor Spring Cam

Floor Spring Cam


ELY Floor Spring Accessories



1. The choice of floor spring is on the basic of the load-bearing of floor spring.

2. The way of calculate the door weight:
    According to standards, the weight of 1mm thickness glass is 2.5KG per square metre.
    For example, the glass is 12mm thickness, 2.3M high, 1M wide, so its weight is

               2.3*1*12*2.5=69KG/one square metre.
3. The load-bearing of floor spring is the weight of door and the accessories.

4. If the door is light, choose the heavy-duty floor spirng, that will increase the cost
    and door can't run well.

5. If in order to reduce the cost, choose the light-duty floor spirng, it will reduce the
    the working life of floor sping.

6. If the door is in outside, no matter the door is weight or light, it must choose the
    double cylinder floor spring. It's to consider the wind power. Double cylinder floor
    spring can be good positioning in 0 degree and 90 degree then single cylinder.

7. It must choose the floor spring that mix the antifreezing oil in cold area.



ENLIYUAN floor spring is a two direction floor spring, i.e operning the door inward
andutward. This product is qualified in 500,000 times dura bility text. All performances
and parameters reach national standard. It can be installed in many kinds of wood
door, steel door, aluminum alloy doors and reinforced glass doors. All key parts of
floor spring are made of low alloysteel, with processes of tempering, quenching, fine
grinding and assembling finally. The floor spring is filled with high quality and low
temperature hydraulic oil, guaranteed smooth move ment at different temperature,
durable and good wear resistance. The floor spring adopts high quality seals, reliable
seal, and no oil leak. As the floor spring is composed of several unique assemblies
designed purposely by us, you can feel very convenient when you install it.